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  Your Business      Consultant!

Solving the problems of entrepreneurs with a desire change the world through business. 

Learn About the Vulnerable Populations We Serve

Welcome to Marie Management!

Meet the Principal Consultant

Jazzmine Nolan MPA

Learn More About Your Principal Consultant:

Preparing For Your Consultation

Things To Know

In preparation for your consultation, complete steps 1-4.  

Prepare your questions prior to the consultation. 

You will discuss your business problems and be informed of our solutions to them in detail. 

You will have two weeks to complete your contractual agreement and make your retainer payment from the date of your consultation.    

Things To Do

Step 1: Read Through Your Package

Step 2: Read Through Your Proposal

Step 3: Read Through and Sign Your Contract 

Step 4: Complete Your Assessment & Deposit

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon. 

Startup Consulting Program

Small Business Consulting

Full-Service Consulting

Marie Management Resources

A Message From The Owner

We appreciate your business and hope that with our consulting you go on to serve more customers, clients and communities.  

Jazzmine Nolan - Marie Management, LLC