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Welcome to the MMAT-

Marie Management Assessment Tool

This tool has been designed by the Marie Management team with input from a wide range of consultants to provide your business with clear and direct representation of the current capacity of your business across the following key functions:

Governance, Direction & Risk

Strategy, Planning & Structure

Company Culture, Leadership & Management

Training & Development  

Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations

Communications and Community Engagement 

Sales and Supply Chain Management

Executive/Entrepreneur Personal Development  

Business Development and Customer Service 

Organization Design and Team Management 

Operational Management & Productivity 

Business Systems & Information Technology 

Safety & Security 

Legal Compliance 

Corporate Responsibility & Charitable Arms 

Measurement, Monitoring & Reporting 

Financial Management/Performance  

It is a simple self assessment tool to highlight where your business is imbalanced and the functions that need attention. 

Each section has a number of statements that are required on a scale of 0-5, where 5 represents an efficient business situation and 0 when there is nothing in place. 

The assessment is only worth completing if you are genuinely committed to implementing and executing the change needed for your business. We recommend you set aside 10-15 minutes to complete the full assessment. At the end of the questions you will be prompted to enter your name and email address and a report will be emailed to. 

If you are genuinely committed to taking steps to improve the operations of your business click "NEXT" below to start.