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Solving the problems of entrepreneurs with a desire change the world through business. 

Learn About the Vulnerable Populations We Serve

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Small Business Hybrid Model Consulting

Companies Earning $100k+ Annually

Learn about the ways we solved the problems of small businesses. Everything from streamlining automation systems for

 for-profit companies to structuring entire nonprofits within the same business model. 

Marie Management supports the small business community in order to provide entrepreneurs with real world systems and strategies that promote seamless scaling for long term success. 

By clicking the link below you will find out how we walk small businesses from being 

confused and frustrated through clear, concise and consistent business processes. 

Startup Business Consulting Packages

Examples of Our Work

  • We helped a series of therapy practices streamline their operations in order to offer better customer service, automate their front and back office systems, while developing internal functions that permit them more time to earn more revenue. 
  • We helped a physician private practice streamline their operations with new technology that permitted them time to sell their existing company in order to purchase an international clinic that meets global medical needs. 
  • We helped a carpet cleaning business automate their financial management system, update their CRM system and streamline their marketing in which all additional proceeds were used to increase their advertising budget to reach commercial customers.  
  • We helped a real estate agent develop a brand that sold her services, residential and commercial properties for her. We increased the companies technology usage, CRM system usage, marketing, advertising, outreach, positioning and processing of more monthly clients.   

Case Studies 

That Support The Marie Management 


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Nonprofit ​Earned Income

Marie Management creates nonprofits with 60% earned income, 20% industry donations, 10% tax incentives and 10% grant funding. 

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For-Profit Corporate Responsibility 

Marie Management implements corporate responsibility initiatives into every entrepreneur lead for-profit business we build. 

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Hybrid Model Development

Marie Management LOVES the hybrid model design because it permits the existence and growth of a for-profit and nonprofit business! 

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Social Enterprise Development

Marie Management recognizes the importance of today's socialpreneur. Therefore we not only build these businesses, but we support them long term. 

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The Marie Management Small Business Consulting Process 

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Build It Right

The First Time

Our clients get to build their businesses internal workings, processes, policies and procedures, operations, company departments and so much more with experienced leadership for support.


Company Reach

Eliminating the dead end approaches to customers, sponsors, partnerships, collaborations and sales by implementing strategic B2B, B2C and B2G relationships. While increasing the companies reach, the business is prepared for a scaling approach.



According To Plan 

Our clients value the benchmark process we use to scale their businesses over a period of time vs. growing too fast and ending in the company closing. Entrepreneurs love the fact that we are able to scale two or more companies simultaneously.   

What Your Business Can Expect From Our Process

Business Structure

We revisit the existing structure and licensing in place to determine if it positively or negatively impacts the business with entrepreneurs. Together we determine what areas within the companies existing structure prohibits scaling the business model. We design or strengthen the existing business model to accompany all new business without overwhelming the infrastructure. We also outline the necessary industry avenues necessary to take in order to grow the company.      

Business Development 

We assess the existing development of the businesses internal functions, departments and operation inputs within business development. In reviewing the current outsourcing, staffing, contracting pertaining to the front office, back office, daily internal/external factors, we ensure proper implementation of all systems. We review the current policies and procedures, handbooks and overall capacity building strategies to ensure the company is progressively from a benchmark perspective. Lastly, we review the automation's, financial forecasting, strategic planning, departments cross-functional capabilities, governance models and all plans in place.     

Business Operations 

Small Business Entrepreneurs evaluate the effectiveness of their existing day-to-day activities within business operations. Here, we ensure that entrepreneurs build the very components necessary for staff, independent contractors, boards, committees etc have what they need to best benefit the companies. Within business operations, entrepreneurs measure efficiency of their daily tasks, departments, equipment, programs, products and services before delegating them to others. Entrepreneurs become managers of the staff first and CEO's second in order to ensure the daily operations of the company meet new standards/expectations.  

Business Execution

Once the company has passed evaluations and assessments result in effective solutions to problem areas, entrepreneurs move directly into scaling up their approach to marketing, advertising, public relations and community engagement. At this point, it is time to prepare for a comprehensive on boarding of project management and consulting teams in these areas to increase company value to its industries, customers, partners, collaborators, sponsors and community at large. 

Ready To Get Started?

Small Business Entrepreneurs Will Receive An Individualized Strategic Plan to address their problem areas within:

Internal Audit of All Existing Systems, Processes, 

Procedures and Operations

Strategic Planning 

Executive Training & Presentations on Solutions

Implementation on 2 Operating Systems

Management of 2 Operating Systems

Executive Coaching for Owner & CEO

Are You an Entrepreneur or Business Graduate From an Accelerator?

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Total Investment




Monthly Payment 



1 Year

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Small Business Package

Individual Marie Management Consulting Areas 

Business Structure

We ensure that our clients meet all state, local, federal and country requirements in the areas of business registration, business licensing, business evaluation and business assessment. We also ensure that our clients have a complete suite of industry research, business plans and resources to be successful based on their WHY assessment. 

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Business Development

We ensure that our clients have clear company, program, product and service language to communicate to their audience & network, within and outside of their industry. We develop measurable objectives, goals and outcomes that help support the companies financial forecasting, case studies and staff requirements and expectations. 

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Business Operations

We ensure that our clients have cutting edge human resources software, systems and strategies in place. We develop custom evaluation and assessment tools per position that ensure staff performance is measured based on the expectations set for their responsibilities only. We also implement customer services and automation practices and systems.  

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Business Execution

We ensure our clients implement best practices for public relations, marketing, community engagement, industry engagement, event planning, fundraising, and management systems. 

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Business Proposal Writing

We ensure that our clients have the best writing money can buy behind their local, state, federal, international and grant proposals needed to ensure meeting their financial business goals. 

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Business Strategy

We ensure that a consultant is available to meet clients where they are in the implementation process of structure, development, operations and execution on their own through our strategy sessions. 

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Marie Management Client Stories

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The Virtual Clinician Enterprise: 

Streamlined Structure

Like most small businesses, Goal Driven Counseling had a successful run at 2 years of consistent customers for it's therapeutic services. The owner found herself within a tangle between her for-profit business, her personal brand and her new nonprofit organization. Marie Management introduced automation techniques, time management skills, contracting opportunities, return business opportunities/options, marketing strategies, demographic/niche analysis, company budgeting, training and development procedures for new staff clinicians, on top of the full development of her nonprofit. We separated the brand, for-profit and nonprofit into their own entities, built them and monetized each offering, program, product and service in order to reach long-term revenue goals.

The Virtual Clinician and Goal Driven Counseling is dedicated to the offering mental health services directly via technology for everyone where they are.

BSAM: Black Speculative Arts Movement

After 5 years of traveling the country advocating, consulting and distributing his scholarly passion of Afrofuturism, Dr. Reynaldo Anderson decided to expand his for-profit business and include a nonprofit business. He had no idea where to start, how to structure or how to develop such a business but he knew Marie Management did. He called Marie Management and we began to structure his existing for profit and develop the nonprofit that would serve home-schooled youth on the basis of Afrofuturism. These services were completed under our Level 2: Business Structure Package over a 6 months time period.

BSAM offers national and international Afrofuturism workshops, summits, conferences and speaking engagements to and for creatives of all ages. 

BSAM Foundation offers education services to home-schooled youth nationally and internationally around Afrofuturism and the opportunity to engage their artistic ability virtually and in person with professionals who make a living as a creative. 

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What our customers are saying

I needed somebody to get me and my business together after 

my husband told me free won't pay bills. She was just what I 

needed after starting my company. 

Melissa Douglass- Goal Driven Counseling