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Solving the problems of entrepreneurs with a desire change the world through business. 

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Nonprofit & For-Profit Business Worksheets

Marie Management has developed a series of worksheets for entrepreneurs to brainstorm and work through the main areas of their companies. Rather you lead a nonprofit, for-profit or hybrid model, there is something here for you. 

We look forward to working with you as you work to solve the problems of your company. 

Creating Your Business Network

As an entrepreneur, your companies are as good as its network. Your ability to build relationships, rapport, partnerships and collaborations with professionals both inside and outside of your industry set you apart. Utilize this worksheet to outline your business network and determine where you need to build. 

Day-To-Day Operations

All companies, rather nonprofit or for-profit have to develop a method of regulating day-to-day operations. Your determination of delegations, outsourcing and department structure will impact how your company functions. Utilize this worksheet to outline your day-to-day operations. 

How to Ask For The Money You Need

From asking individual donors as a nonprofit, to asking investors for the money you need as a for-profit, is a frightening task if you don't have a process or system. Outline your ask process and begin your strategies with this worksheet.   

Creating an Automation's System

Operating a business without front and back office automation systems can result in a serious break down in communication. It can also end up causing the business more money. Problem solve the different ways you can automate your companies systems with this worksheet.  

Corporate Responsibility Program

It is no secret that giving back is the primary way companies receive the ultimate return on investment. Without contributing to the community in which we stand to gain our profits, we are equally contributing to the decline of communities everywhere. Find out how you can build your companies corporate responsibility program with this worksheet.  

Business Engagement

Do you  know how to engage B2B, B2C and B2G witin your business model? Your companies business, customer and government relationships can increase your companies reach annually. Utilize this worksheet to outline your ways to engage multiple entities into your company. 

Locating Board Members & Advisors

Having governing and decision making professionals in place that have your companies best interest at heart is extremely important to the success of the business. Rather running a nonprofit or for-profit business, locating the people your business needs to govern is a process you can complete with this worksheet. 

Selling Your Nonprofits Mission & Vision

Having a mission and vision that connects to your primary customer (which are your donors) is the primary focus of your organization. However, the language must pull at the heart strings, paint the picture of the organizations intent and simplify the complexity of how you will meet its goals. Work through your mission and vision selling process with this worksheet. 

How to Thank Your Donors, Investors & Customers

Stewardship is the back-end process of receiving donations, sponsorship, investment, support or loyalty from all those financially engaged in your business. Thanking them is mandatory. This worksheet will assist you in determining the ways your company can thank those that keep you in business.   

How to Use Data To Scale

It is important that companies understand how to use their data for higher returns, increasing streams of revenue and adjusting the systems associated to departments, teams or the company as a whole. This worksheet will help you to identify the data you are currently collecting and how to problem solve way of using it. 

Writing a Strategic Plan

A strategic plan provides intentional insight into the objectives, goals, outcomes, inputs and methods associated to your business. Logical design and thorough financial selections chosen for your programs, products and services can be outlined with this worksheet. 

Your High Level Expenses

Determine how to look at your expenses from a high level overview in order to make decisions to scale your business. Analyze your expenses and determine where you need to make changes in order to positively effect your the future revenue of your company with this worksheet.